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A New Direction: Moving Toward Optimal Health

Optimal health is possible for you.
Your eyes were likely opened in A New Perspective on Health to what’s possible and good nutrition might look different than you thought. (If not, make sure to grab that free training first for a solid foundation).

You are ready to start taking steps.
In this in-depth video training and compatible guide, Tammy will help you gain ultimate clarity on nutrition and health–as she guides you towards a more plant-based diet.

Whether you want to go all in or just add more health-promoting plant foods to your diet, this training provides the insights, tips, and tools to help you get there! Tammy has an incredible track record of results and would love to help you get where you would like to go with your health.

Let’s Dive In

Are You Ready for…?

  • Long term results with your health
  • All day energy
  • Permanent weight loss
  • Medications not being the only answer
  • Guidance on how to get started or move further in this direction
  • The latest fads to stop driving your health decisions

What’s Included

$99 $49

A New Direction iPad

You’ll receive…

  • Lifetime access to a one hour and 20 minute, in-depth training
  • A five-page downloadable guide that goes alongside training
  • Clarity and understanding of nutrition and how it affects your health
  • Easy, quick tips to add more plant foods to your diet
  • Guidance on losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight for the long-term
  • Ideas for starting your day right
  • Tammy’s favorite meal-planning tips
  • Throw together meal ideas for busy days
  • Insights on how you can modify your current meals
  • And so much more!

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Wondering if this is the Best Choice for You?

Everyone is at a different place when it comes to their nutrition and health. Tammy meets you where you are at. Her ability to easily explain health and nutrition in a way that makes sense sets her apart.

Her ultimate goal is to provide you with the right foundation and the clarity you need around nutrition so that you can feel confident as you embark on your journey toward optimal health.

Tammy has helped numerous people…

  • Move from confusion to clarity around nutrition and their health
  • Enjoy more energy in their life
  • Make lasting changes that have affected their health in huge ways
  • Reverse health issues of all kinds–even when they were told it wasn’t possible
  • Get off of multiple medications (her greatest win was helping someone get off of 23 medications)
  • Go from a state of surviving to living vibrantly

It’s the Perfect Place to Start

Tammy offers you the information, education, clarity, and support you need to get started.

Get Started

“Good health is not just good luck or good genes. There is science behind good health.”
– Dr. Richard DuBois

Track Record of Results

“Working with Tammy really changed my life! She gave me the strength to go from struggling to get off the couch on 23 medications to finishing a 5K and off all meds!”

– Burt Groenheim

“Under Tammy’s guidance, I was able to lose weight and gain confidence that I had been struggling with for years. I even have the energy to keep up with my kids again! No words can describe the gift she gave me & I will be forever grateful.”

– Johlissa G.

You’re One Choice Away from Changing the Trajectory of Your Health

The information, support, and proven steps are there. Now it’s time for you to decide if you’re ready to take the next step towards optimal health.

A New Direction: Moving Toward Optimal Health

$99 $49

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