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Combining her passion and expertise in nutrition with health coaching, Tammy has an incredible track record of results–including the reversal of health issues of all kinds. She especially loves working with people who feel they have tried everything with their health–but are still lacking energy, struggling to maintain a healthy weight, taking medications they would rather not be, or who are just ready to feel better. Tammy will help you move toward optimal health with a relatable approach that you and your family will love!

If you are looking to amp up your health, Tammy recommends her free nutrition talk as a great first step. It has been a catalyst for many people who have transformed their health!

Five Myths of Healthy Eating

There are a handful of areas that tend to cause the most confusion when it comes to our nutrition. We have been programmed to think the answer to good health is in avoiding carbs and amping up the protein from animal foods. While there are carbs to avoid or reduce, we often don’t realize that they are not all created equal! If you are avoiding carbs altogether, you are missing many foods that should, in fact, be foundational in a healthy diet.

Tammy Schwartz Wellness

The right carbohydrates should form the foundation of your diet. They are our primary source of energy. If you feel sluggish, you may need more un-refined carbs!

Tammy Schwartz Wellness

Our protein needs are very overstated, and you can actually get protein from a variety of plant foods!


Tammy meets people where they are as she passionately helps them understand that much of what we have been taught is not leading us to optimal health. She paints a clear picture of what does & the control we have over our health outcomes.

Tammy has a passion for sharing the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind easily adding more plant-based foods to our diets. She guides audiences of all sizes in making meaningful and achievable changes in their wellness.

She has studied with world-renowned leaders to truly understand the importance of our food to help prevent and reverse health issues, many of which appeared in the life-changing documentary, “Forks Over Knives.”

Tammy has had the pleasure of speaking to:

  • Doctor offices and patients
  • Chiropractic centers and physical therapy clinics
  • Dental offices
  • Mental health practitioners
  • Fitness and wellness centers
  • Personal trainers, martial arts centers, and yoga studios
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Cancer survivor groups
  • Women’s groups
  • Wellness events

Contact Tammy today to learn more about what she can offer your group. She also has a free nutrition talk available 24/7 online that many health professionals send patients/clients to for nutrition guidance. If you are a busy health professional who understands the value of nutrition, but lack the time & training to share it in depth, reach out to see if this could be a good fit for you.


Nutrition Consulting/Health Coaching

Working 1 on 1 with Tammy has led many people to transform their health in really big ways! Your results are dependent on how much you choose to change with Tammy’s guidance, but the potential of what is possible is huge!

All sessions are currently Virtual.

1 Time Session/Initial Consult

You might book just one session with Tammy or this might be the start of the 12 week kick start or another program.

  • 75 minute session
  • Includes review of health history
  • Follow up email including next step recommendations

Quick Hit Coaching

These can be done any time after an initial consult for whatever support you are seeking. Tammy will have you send her a quick form ahead to laser focus in sessions.

  • 30 minute sessions, book as you need!

12 week Kick Start–Changing Habits at Your Pace

This is a great option if you are not ready or able to dive all in–but are ready to start changing daily habits to move closer to optimal health. You will connect with Tammy weekly for guidance & accountability, as you keep taking steps. An initial 75 minute, in depth consultation is required before diving into the 12 weeks.

  • 30 minute calls weekly, for 12 weeks

PROGRAMS: For those ready to Transform their Health.

1 Month Deep Dive

In these power packed weeks, Tammy will provide you with the education, tools, accountability and ongoing support that you need to make lasting changes to your nutrition and overall health. You get to determine the pace of changes, knowing the more you change–the better the results.

What’s Included:

  • One 90-minute (includes review of health history) & three 60-minute online sessions
  • Ongoing support throughout (This is a game changer!)
  • Downloadable, easy-action sheets
  • Meal Planning tools & ideas
  • Our favorite family-friendly recipes
  • Recipes & ideas that fit your family’s preferences

3 Month Intensive

In this in depth program, you will start with everything offered in the 6 week deep dive (above), followed by bi-weekly for the next 8 weeks. You will also have ongoing support over the entire time.

  • All that is included in the 6 week deep dive *see above
  • An additional 8 weeks of bi-weekly calls
  • Ongoing support for the entire time (again….game changer!)

6 Month Intensive

This life changing program is an extension of the 3 month program–adding on 3 more months of bi-weekly calls and ongoing support for people who are in need of really big changes in their health or with their weight.

There’s More…

Ongoing consulting/coaching is available as you need further support. Contact Tammy to learn more or to set up a FREE, short consult call to share your needs and determine the best plan to help reach your goals.

Online Nutrition Courses

Let Tammy guide you through and eliminate the overwhelm with one of her online nutrition classes. She will meet you where you are and help you take your family’s health to the next level—whether it is a kickstart to creating some healthier habits or working toward a lifestyle transformation.

Easy meal ideas and tips to kickstart your family’s healthy eating that fit your busy, on the go lifestyle. Learn simple ways to get more fruits, vegetables and other plant foods in every day—including pre-prep and meal planning basics that will make your life so much easier! You will leave this class with an understanding of carbs, protein and common areas of confusion.

Gain an in-depth understanding of why the foods we are being taught to eat are making us sick and causing weight gain. This class will help you transform your health by empowering you with the truth about what we really should be eating (which may surprise you!) and with the tools you need to start making lasting changes. The Transform course focuses on simple solutions that fit your busy lifestyle, and can still yield transformational results.

Nutrition Products & Solutions

See the solutions Tammy uses to bridge the nutrition gaps for her own family! Getting more whole, plant foods in your family doesn’t need to be overwhelming. These solutions make it simple and fun for the whole family.

Eating the recommended 7-13+ servings of whole fruits and vegetables each day isn’t realistic at times. Despite our best efforts, there are so many reasons people struggle to come close!

These whole food solutions provide simple ways to bridge the gap in our nutritional needs. They are made from fresh, high quality fruits, vegetables, and other plant foods to provide you with powerful nutritional benefits.

Learn More

Plant foods are the cornerstone of optimal health but aren’t easy to access all year. Now, with this aeroponic growing system and less than three square feet, you can grow your nutrient-dense foods indoors or out.

This solution is great for those desiring to harvest their fresh produce year-round with minimal effort.

Learn More


What separates Tammy as a yoga instructor is her emphasis on proper alignment to get the most out of yoga physically & deep breathing for it’s physical/restorative benefits.

Tammy’s yoga classes focus on holding strengthening poses blended with some flow. This allows students to experience the full benefits of poses, while ensuring optimal alignment and avoiding strain or injury. Tammy classes are always multi-level–suitable for beginner to advanced students.

Tammy is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, E-RYT, with The Yoga Alliance. She completed a 200-hour teacher-training program with Yoga Prairie in 2007. Her training was heavily alignment focused and she received additional training in this area over the years.

Tammy taught classes for over a decade at her in-home studios in Chetek & Eau Claire, along with various fitness centers/studios.

Recently moving to Hayward, plans are in motion of where she will be teaching soon.  Contact Tammy to be put on the list or for special yoga events–such as outdoor classes or special locations.

  • Working with Tammy really changed my life! She gave me the strength to go from struggling to get off the couch on 23 medications to finishing a 5K and off all meds!
    Burt Groenheim
  • Under Tammy’s guidance, I was able to lose weight and gain confidence that I had been struggling with for years. I even have the energy to keep up with my kids again! No words can describe the gift she gave me & I will be forever grateful.
    Johlissa G.
  • I’ve known Tammy Schwartz for several years; she sets a great example for others to follow; she is committed to a lifetime of learning about diet and health and does a great job of teaching and motivating others to improve their health.
    Dr. Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D.
    N.D./President, The Wellness Forum (featured in Forks Over Knives)
  • Our health organization has hired Tammy several times to speak on nutrition. Not only is she well versed and trained in the topic, she’s relatable and easy to understand. She provides practical tips and tactics to eat better. Her message does not shame people for their eating patterns...she meets people where they are.
    Michele Paquette
    HSHS Sacred Heart and St. Joseph’s Hospitals
  • Tammy's classes provide very unique research-based information about nutrition. I've attended several of the same class and pick up something new each time. I love how she suggests to start slow if you want to make changes in your life. Too often people try to make a lot of changes all at once and end up quitting. Tammy makes getting healthy easy and sensible.
    Dr. Laura Bertram
    Gateway Chiropractic Center
  • Since balancing my yoga practice with Tammy's Hatha style of teaching, I've not only gained more flexibility and strength but a better appreciation for correct alignment. Tammy really knows her stuff! She encourages everyone to gain the most from every pose and in a safe way. It could be the slightest tweak of an ankle, foot, etc. and she will see and correct it. Tammy, thank you for opening up your heart and home and sharing your passion!
    Kim Bowe
  • Tammy is approachable and very interested in educating people about the truth in nutrition research. She has a wealth of knowledge from top medical professionals and researchers that you must learn! I recommend taking her nutrition class and then choosing to put that wisdom into action. Your body will thank you.
    Cheri Dostal Ryba
    evolve wellness, llc
  • Tammy is a wonderful yoga instructor. She has taught Yoga at my clinic. She has assisted me in instructing some of my patients on how to maintain neutral spine positioning with certain yoga poses. She has a keen sense of spine and joint alignment, and this enables her to modify her clients' program to adjust for their musculoskeletal weaknesses. I highly recommend her services.
    Sharon A. Schumacher DPT, OCS
    Doctor of Physical Therapy

About Tammy

Tammy Schwartz WellnessAs a busy mom and professional, Tammy understands the challenges that come with keeping your family healthy & always feeding them well. This challenge has shaped her life’s passion; helping busy people transform their health.

Tammy also knows that simple solutions and a solid understanding are the keys to creating lasting change. She strives to educate and lead with compassion and non-judgment, helping families & individuals change their health and wellness step by step. She also understands what motivates kids of all ages after teaching nutrition to middle & high school students for six years as well as having a daughter in elementary school.

Tammy holds a wealth of knowledge as a Nutritionist, Master Certified Health Coach, and Diet and Lifestyle Intervention Practitioner. Tammy has earned nutrition certifications through Cornell University and The Wellness Forum Institute of Health Studies. She also received a diploma in comprehensive nutrition from Huntington College of Health Sciences. Tammy has studied with world-renowned nutrition leaders–who have been reversing health issues for decades, many of which appeared in the documentary, “Forks Over Knives.” In addition to her deep nutritional and wellness studies, she also became a certified yoga instructor in 2007 & has been teaching classes since.

Tammy lives an active lifestyle with her husband, Karl and daughter Maddy in the beautiful area of northwestern Wisconsin. Tammy and her family enjoy mountain biking, hiking and cross-country skiing, with all three of them doing as many races as they can.  Today, their whole family eats mostly plant-based, but it took many years to get to where they are.

Tammy understands we all start in a different place and the pace of our journey will be our own. She holds a non-judgmental approach and depth of knowledge that makes her the perfect partner to help take you where you want to go with your health.

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